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Who We Are and Where We Excel

Signature Solutions Limited is a management consultancy company providing integrated organization change, as well as people management and development solutions to public and private-sector clients.

We pride ourselves in delighting our clients with expert, insightful, and dedicated advice that exceeds their expectations. We make a difference by helping our clients work through their organization and people management complexity to find long-lasting answers. Our experience in the field, backed up by our relentless research, our professional approach and our cutting-edge methodologies serve as the basic foundation for working with organizations in turning their hidden strengths into sustainable advantages. We do not simply fix problems, but also use them as stepping stones to walk through with our clients, so that they learn about and from the problems, overcome them to re-emerge as stronger, better organizations. We honor our commitment with professionalism, punctuality and empathy that create trust, respect and long-term relationships among clients.
Our Proven Strengths
  • Advice and preparation of organization HR Master Plan;
  • Design/re-alignment of management and human resource systems and plans, for instance,
    • Design and preparation of organization s HR Master Plan;
    • Job analysis/redesign, organization structure redesign and  workforce/ manpower planning system;
    • Staff competency profiling, competency-based assessment and development to identify true leaders and developing top performers,  and to help them rise and shine through coaching, learning and development packages customized to suit their individual motivational profiles;
    • performance target setting and management system;
    • career and succession management system;
    • Talent management system, etc.
  • Organization change management advice, to prepare for internally- or externally-driven change, for instance, change in the organization s vision, mission or strategy, change necessitated by globalization, the changing market/regulatory environment, etc., the scope of which could include re-alignment/review of the organization structure and systems, as well as communication, gaining buy-in and implementation of the change initiatives down to the functional and individual staff levels to help people understand, appreciate and join-in to champion change;
  • Customized in-house training on people management and development subjects using Signature Solutions approaches, methods and tools, e.g., leadership development, coaching skills, executive emotional maturity, capability building for supervisors and HR professionals to help deliver prime results, keep track of staff performance and nurture talents, as required by the change initiative(s).
All of our consulting advice listed above is supported by a full range of Signature Solutions proprietary methodology and tools, e.g.,
JobChampion for job analysis and job design/redesign;
StructureChampion for organization structure design/redesign;
PerformanceChampion for development/improvement of organization performance target setting and performance management system;
PeopleProfile for staff competency profiling, competency-based assessment, development and survey;
PeoplePlan for organization workforce/manpower planning.
  • Organization-wide diagnostic assessment/surveys on management and people-related issues using Signature Solutions well-researched assessment and survey methodologies and tools, for instance,
PeoplePoll for staff satisfaction survey;
PeopleLegacy for organization culture assessment;
PeoplePotential for survey of staff training and development needs.
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